International marketing

Published on December 30, 2012 Reviewed on August 29, 2019   59 min

A selection of talks on Global Business Management

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I'm Kevin Ibeh, Professor of Marketing and International Business. This talk is about international marketing. Over the next several slides, I'll be talking about various elements of international marketing.
This talk aims to accomplish five objectives. The first is to define international marketing and explain why it is becoming increasingly prevalent and more important. Second, is to outline some of the key tasks involved in managing international marketing operations. Third, is to introduce main approaches for engaging in international marketing. Fourth, is to discuss how firms might enhance their prospects of achieving sustainable success in international markets. Finally, we'll talk about some of the reasons why firms might not succeed in international marketing.
Defining international marketing. International marketing refers to the process of planning and managing external relationships across national borders or with international customers in pursuit of organizational objectives. It encompasses marketing to and serving international customers via direct or indirect methods, offline or online channels, and from home, host, or third-country locations. The essential criterion is the involvement of international customers.
Still on defining international marketing, it's worth saying that international marketing extends to exchanges with international customers that occur within the firm's home market; for example, the activities of a company serving international students, universities, or other organizations that serve international students and organizations that service foreign tourists when they visit their home markets. There is also an inward dimension to international marketing. A good example of this is importing, where a company imports goods or services from abroad. The cross-border and natural search interactions or exchanges represent international marketing. This is, however, not a key focus of this talk. This talk will, essentially, focus on outward international marketing activities.