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Shoppernomics: understanding the structure for marketing communications

Published on April 30, 2019   21 min

Other Talks in the Series: Principles of Marketing

Hello there I'm Roddy Mullin. My aim is to share with you more than 30 years experience as a consultant majoring in marketing. Going into companies of all sizes, professional firms, that is doctors, accountants, and engineers and government organizations, such as the National Audit Office and building research establishment and not only in the UK. I worked in India too for clients. My consultant aim has always been to make people make money. I practice both as a chartered marketer and as a chartered engineer. This helps manufacturers because I can advise on product design and manufacturing processes.
My books are the core text of university courses and international diplomas. Sadly I get no money from them. I featured on USA, West Coast Business Book programs and the books have been translated into Russian, Chinese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese for the Brazilian market. I have been an examiner for diplomas not only in UK but also for Australian students. I've seen my case studies copied in Vietnam hotels. So I hope you are persuaded to spend some time with me.
I've split my talk material into three. Each stand alone but also for greater understanding, providing the necessary underpinning of each talk. This talk covers what recent researchers discovered about the shopper buyer and the marketing communications they need to persuade them to buy. We have identified six separate types of communications from six sources along the journey to purchase. Few firms really do this, nor are structured to find out what the shopper buyer needs and communication needs are. So we cover this here. Of course, all this depends on a real knowledge of how to communicate, and we sandwiched that in for you too. The second talk describes how to carry out promotional marketing. The third talk covers communication at the coal face with the customer at the point of sale that is online or in the retail sales.

Shoppernomics: understanding the structure for marketing communications

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