Motivation and self-concept

Published on August 26, 2013 Reviewed on March 28, 2019   50 min

Other Talks in the Series: Why We Buy: Understanding Consumer Behavior

Hello, my name is Judy Zaichkowsky, and I'm a Professor of Marketing at Simon Fraser University. Sometimes I'm also a visiting Professor of Marketing or Professor of Marketing and Communications at Copenhagen Business School. I've always been interested in the motivation or why people choose to buy the goods and services they do. Topic of my doctoral dissertation many years ago was the concept of involvement. What is it and how do you measure it? The topic of the talk today is really how that relates to people's buying and also their self-concept. My full CV and various other articles are listed in the website given below, if you wish to investigate anything else on this topic.
Our agenda today, includes first of all looking at consumer motivation and what are the antecedents, or what are the things that causes people to behave in the way they do. We're going to look at how our basic needs transform and support our consumer needs, and we're going to look at a couple of different classifications, or theories of needs and how they're formed. Then, we'll look at involvement as a motivational construct and look at ways to measure it to predict different consumer behaviors. Then, finally, I'm going to talk about self-concept. With specific example about self-concept and young people, and how this self-concept is interdependent with consumer behavior or why we buy.