Management of MDR and XDR TB

Published on May 5, 2014 Updated on May 12, 2014   34 min

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My name is Martin Boeree. I'm an associate professor in respiratory medicine at the Radboud University Nijmegan Medical Center and at the TB Referral Hospital Dekkerswald in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. I'm going to talk about the management of multi-drug resistant and extensive drug resistant tuberculosis.
I'm working in Dekkerswald. Dekkerswald is an old tuberculosis sanatorium which was raised in 1911.
Sanitoria were a tradition deriving from the time before the drugs against tuberculosis. In Holland, they were divided by religious background. And you can clearly see this on the facade with the Catholic cross.
This slide shows an outline of my presentation. I will talk about management of multi-drug resistant and extensive drug resistant tuberculosis. I will start with an introduction, then briefly talk about the epidemiology of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, and then continue with management. I will specifically go into the drug treatment, both current treatment and future treatment. I will now start with the introduction.
Management of tuberculosis before the era of drug treatment was done in specially dedicated sanitoria. The first one opened in 1855 in Gorbersdorf in Germany in the current Poland called Sokolowsko. It contained rest, a good diet, a regular day and night rhythm, and healthy air and sunlight. It was done with love, tender, and care. Sometimes surgery like artificial pneumothorax was performed to give rest to the lung.