Receptors and channels in pain

Published on April 2, 2014   45 min
So I'm Professor Tony Dickenson from University College London. And this presentation is based on receptors and channels in pain, how the integrated function of the nervous system, subjects to painful messages, deals with these external events.
Pain is an intriguing example of understanding and trying to gauge how external events, in this case from the body, impact upon function of the central nervous system. So peripheral events, peripheral sensory fibers, project into the spinal cord. The spinal cord then sends messages up to the higher centers. And in the case of pain, of course, it's an individual, personal experience that is built up. But what goes up, also comes down. And so the higher centers of the brain are able to alter mechanisms within the brain stem and change what we call descending controls, which, in turn, return to the spinal cord. And so the higher centers have the ability to modulate events at the first synapse within the spinal cord.