Published on January 1, 2014   40 min

A selection of talks on Cell Biology

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Hello. My name is René Ranzinger, and I'm working for the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center at the University of Georgia. I'm going to tell you something about GlycoBioInformatics. However, before we start with the real presentation,
I would like to point out 2 things. First, with respect to the content of the presentation, this presentation is no introduction in BioInformatics algorithms or implementation strategies. What I am going to do in this presentation is to give you an overview about existing tools like databases, web applications, and programs that you can use in your daily research. This presentation is more of interest for people that would like to use tools than for software developers that are interested in developing tools.
The second thing I would like to point out is a web application with the name GlycomicsPortal. The GlycomicsPortal can be found under the URL presented in the slide and is essentially a registry for glycomics software, including databases, applications, web services, and workflows. All tools and databases I'm going to present in this presentation are registered in the portal, and you can go to the URL and look them up and find more information about these tools.
By using the name of the software or database and the search feature in the portal, or simply by browsing the portal, you will find web pages similar to the screenshot shown in the slide. On the left side, you have a description of the entry— for example, in this case a database— and below the description you find more detailed information— for example, what data is stored in this database, and what kind of search features are provided. On the right side in the small box, you find information about the version of the database, how the data can be accessed— it's an open-access database— and of course, a link to the website where you can find the database. In the second half of the webpage, you have a box with files— for example, screenshots, manuals, tutorials, or data files— that have been provided by the person that created this entry in the portal. Below this box, you find lists of similar entries in the portal that may be also of interest for you. And last but not least, a list of publications about the entry in the portal.