The Female Reproductive System: from Basic Science to Fertility Treatments

Launched April 2019 Updated June 2022 23 lectures
Prof. Nava Dekel
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Successful reproduction is an absolute essential requirement for the continued existence of any living species on earth. This understanding raises an enormous level of curiosity as well as a real practical demand for exploration and discovery of the very detailed knowledge related to reproductive biology. For well-known sociological arguments, a... read moremajor fraction of studies in this field was directed at understanding of female reproduction somewhat neglecting the possible contribution of male infertility problems. The extensive investigation of this topic thus generated a large body of accumulated information on female reproduction, part of which is presently applied for the development of novel treatment protocols in infertility clinics worldwide. In fact, the extreme diligence of assisted reproductive technologies (ART), particularly in vitro fertilization, highly benefits from this state of affairs. This knowledge is also translated into the improvement of fertility in farm animals with its obvious economic significance. Of no less importance, improved accessibility and understanding of fundamental reproductive biology emboldens the public to make healthier choices regarding their reproductive health.
This series will introduce the audience to the global view of the female reproductive system. It includes an introduction to basic information, presentation of the updated scientific findings, and cutting-edge methodologies used to study the different aspects of this system. Finally, it also provides the translational aspects of the scientific research, presenting advanced clinical approaches to diagnose and treat infertility as well as pathologies in the female reproductive system.

Introduction to the female reproductive system (12 Lectures)