Cell signalling pathways and RNAi

Published on October 1, 2007 Reviewed on November 13, 2015   43 min

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Cellular signaling pathways and RNAi. Michael O'Grady.
Cellular signaling and signal transduction pathways and they're linked to many diverse disease processes, such as Cancer, Arthritis, and even in development has led to a plethora of studies in labs throughout the world to deconvolve these essential biological pathways. The advent of RNAi much like PCR to molecular cloning 15 to 20 years ago, has led to a resurgence in a deconvolution of these major pathways in biological processes. This slide serves to show the complicated branches involved in one particular pathway which will be studied in this particular presentation. This is the EGF receptor pathway. As can be seen in this arrow upon stimulation with epidermal growth factor ligand, this can lead on one branch to the activation of the Janus Kinase or JAK1, which then leads to signal transduction phosphorylation of the STAT3 transcription factor, which is then translocated into the nucleus binding to its response element SIE, leading to transcriptional events which multiply its effects seen at the level of the receptor. Another branch goes through the adapter proteins Shk and SOS-1 into the multibranch kinases involved in activating the AP-1 response element, which is the classic Jun/Fos dimer transcription factor binding down to this element which has been shown to definitely be involved in the neoplastic process. This slide serves as a background for applying RNAi to