Mr. Michael O'Grady Drug Discovery Solutions, Invitrogen Corporation, USA

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Michael O'Grady obtained a BS in zoology from the University of Central Arkansas, followed by graduate work on the identification of Ecdysone Response Elements in the Larval Serum Protein promoter of Drosophila melanogaster. He received a MS in molecular biology/biochemistry in 1990 and began work on position effect variegation and... read morenon-histone chromosomal proteins in Tom Grigliatti's laboratory at the University of British Columbia. He collaborated with the Gunter Reuter laboratory at the Martin Luther Universitat, Germany, on the identification of novel proteins involved in heterochromatin formation later identified as histone deacetylases. He worked at Promega Corp. developing novel substrates for live-cell applications using Renilla luciferase. His work at Invitrogen uses RNAi for target qualification and pathway deconvolution. A 2005 BMC Cancer paper on combining RNAi and protein kinase inhibitors has achieved the designation of highly accessed on BioMed Central. He was named 2005's most innovative new scientist at Invitrogen, and now has the position of Sr. R&D Manager within Cell and Protein Analysis Division of ThermoFisher Scientific.