Conversion rate optimisation

Published on November 30, 2020   43 min

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Hi, and welcome to this session on conversion rate optimization. My name's John Newton. I'm the Group Marketing Director at ClickThrough which is a digital marketing agency that specializes in growth and conversion. In this session, I'm going to explain what conversion rate optimization is and the factors you need to consider when you're putting together your conversion optimization strategy.
As with many of these talks, I'm going to start with a definition of what conversion rate optimization or CRO is. This comes from Wikipedia. Conversion rate optimization is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers, or more generally, take any desired action on a webpage. I think that's a pretty good definition, I put a much shorter one here, making more from what you have. With so many things that we do with our instant marketing. It's all about trying to drive more visitors through to our websites, either from Google, from social networks, for display advertising but when it comes to conversion rate optimization, it's not about increase in the number of people through to your website, it's about increasing the value you get from each of those users who come through.
What isn't CRO? What a key thing is it's not about tricking the user into doing what you want and we'll talk about that in a moment and crucially it's not just about changing the color of buttons.
What are the underlying principles of conversion rate optimization? Well, this diagram here really shows it for you. On the left, it's you, and on the right it's the user. On the left you, what do you want? That's important thing that you want to get from someone coming through to your site. It may be that you want them buy something. It may be that you want them to give you their contact details. On the right is what the user wants and in the middle, that's where those two things overlap. The aim of conversion rate optimization is to give the user what they want and in turn, that gives you what you want. For example, in order to get some contact information from you, I need to give you some very useful content that you can apply immediately to your organization. Or in the case of Amazon Prime, which we'll get to later, in order to get you to spend more money with us I need to make it easier for you to shop with me.