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Marketing in life sciences: healthcare services and healthcare digital products

Published on April 30, 2020   17 min

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This chapter, discussion on unique perspective. It will be a little bit more about what makes marketing life sciences a little bit more unique than marketing in other sectors. So it's very interesting for people who have experience in marketing, but a little less about marketing in life sciences. You can modulate your approach or you can see where there are some differences to do.
As always, I will be giving the course today. Jean-Francois Denault, I am independent consultant in this sector for over 15 years, specialized in life sciences. Working with companies in medical devices, nutraceuticals, biotech, pharma, healthcare from large pharma to small start-ups.
The three specific challenges we'll be looking at today is marketing life sciences, the challenges of marketing healthcare services versus health care product, and the third challenge we'll be looking at is marketing strategy for digital products and services.
Marketing in life sciences. What we know. Well, one of the things that is very unique to life sciences is that products and services are very complex. It's going to be be a lot more complex for the end-user to understand, so there is a lot of work and trust to be gained, and there is a lot of reliance on third-party sources and even secondary sources such as your friends, your family, your doctor, your nurses, people you trust. Products in life sciences have a direct impact on end-users. They have very long development cycles, they have very long approval cycles, and you have to have a concern that when you're doing your products, how they will change your end-users health. You're not just making a pair of socks, you're picking a pair of socks for people with diabetes, and hence you are changing their general welfare. You are also marketing to a population that does not always have the knowledge to evaluate and distinguish claims. So your message and how you deliver it must balance the information and educational content without being patronizing and insulting. You have to find a way to simplify the information enough for them to be able to catch it without being oversimplified and downright insulting.

Marketing in life sciences: healthcare services and healthcare digital products

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