Marketing Strategy

Launched February 2020 Updated June 2020 7 lectures
Mr. Jean-François Denault
Marketing Consultant, Canada

While technology is an undeniable foundation of a product’s value proposition, a solid marketing strategy is essential for the new product to become successful. After all, a product that sits on a shelf, no matter how good, won’t improve people’s lives. To market your product, you need to understand your... read moreinvestors, your clients, and your end-users. You need to determine how you will reach them, how you will engage them, and how you will achieve a lasting connection with them. You will need to take your product from market research and strategy, to implementation and monitoring. In this series, you’ll learn:

• How to perform a situation analysis of your organization, a pre-requisite to building a marketing strategy
• How to build your marketing strategy, covering all the bases you need to think about when preparing your marketing plan
• How to move forward with implementation and putting in place evaluation mechanisms to keep your strategy on track
• How to select the key metrics to monitor whether you have made the right decisions

All of these concepts will be linked to the life sciences (particularly pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, healthcare, and nutraceuticals) by showcasing practical examples, exploring unique perspectives such as digital media and issues specific to marketing healthcare services.