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The right time to change a logo - an extreme case of a parcel delivery company

Published on February 27, 2020   18 min

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Hello. My name is Nukhet Vardar. When to change your logo - an extreme case from a parcel delivery company.
First of all, let me briefly introduce myself. I have been working in marketing and advertising since 1985. I value myself for being both an academician and a practitioner. I always enjoyed sharing my thoughts and views. So far, I have 13 books in the area. For a detailed CV, you can visit my company website at www.elizi.net.
Today, we will be talking about logos and the importance of branding. We will have a look at some widely accepted do's and don'ts while making a logo change. We know that, generally speaking, radical changes made to logos are not advised, as they are major investments. However, sometimes it becomes a necessity for a brand to divorce itself from its existing logo and start building upon its branding on a totally new one. Today, we will see such an extreme case, learning why and how a delivery company from Turkey named Yurtici Kargo actually had to convert to a totally brand new logo in 2003, after 20 years being in the market with the same logo. The case will also address the issue that, in marketing, there are always exceptions to the rule, and this is where creativity in marketing sets in. If marketing concepts are fully understood by practitioners, they could be executed brilliantly under any condition. Before we start going over the case, let us first look at the importance of logos and logo changes.
Why is a logo so important for brands? Say you're visiting London as a tourist and end up at Piccadilly Circus. You look around at all the new buildings, studying impressive facades, trying to soak everything in, then a whole range of big and small logos gets your attention. You're overwhelmed by them. You know most of them by heart. You close your eyes for a moment to concentrate more on the history that surrounds you, but your memory plays a little trick, and you still continue to see some of these logos vividly as if your eyes were open, mainly because these logos are ingrained in your visual memory.

The right time to change a logo - an extreme case of a parcel delivery company

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