Data protection in the European Union 1

Published on August 31, 2015   33 min
Welcome to the presentation on Data Protection in the European Union. My name is Atina Krajewska, and I'm a senior lecturer at the Cardiff School of Law and Politics at the Cardiff University. And I will try to summarize the area of data protection in the European Union. Although this is a very complex area and because of the time constraints, I will necessarily have to focus on certain most important aspects of the regulation of this area of law.
Let me tell you briefly what I'm going to talk about during this presentation. First of all, I will try to introduce the basic principles of data protection in the European Union. And then I will move on to discuss shortly the current regulation of data protection, which is covered at the moment by an EU directive. However, most of my presentation will be concerned with the new coming general regulation on data protection, which is still in the legislative process. But we are expecting to have an adopted regulation by the end of this year, so I think this is really important to focus on the new coming law. And finally, I will focus on the highlights and challenges of that coming piece of legislation at the European Union and hopefully come to some conclusions, although this might be difficult at this stage.