Organ transplants as commodities?

Published on August 31, 2015   43 min
HUB ZWART: Welcome to the audience. Thank you for listening. To my name is Hub Zwart. I'm a professor of philosophy at the Faculty of Science, Radboud University, Nijmegen in the Netherlands. And I would like to talk to you today about organ transplantation, and more specifically about organ transplants as commodities. I think this is a very urgent ethical issue, it's a very global issue, it's a focus of concern worldwide. And I'll speak about this topic from a philosophical point of view. So although I will touch upon and discuss some of the medical issues, I will focus, of course, on the ethical and philosophical issues. Besides philosophy proper, so, besides concepts and arguments, I will also use organ transplantation cinema. I will discuss a few movies about experiences, recipients of organs, donors of organs, because I think those movies, organ transplantation cinema, as it were, can add something of value, can add some insights into our concerns, our anxieties, our desires concerning organ transplantations, our challenges, our options.