Channels of distribution

Published on November 9, 2014   61 min

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Hello, my name is Ann Marie Doherty, I'm Professor of Marketing at the University of Strathclyde. This lecture is entitled channels of distribution.
This first slide looks at the structure of the lecture. First of all we will begin with an introduction before moving on to the definitions of channels of distribution or marketing channels. There is types of distribution channel available i.e, direct channels through which the various types of indirect channels, the role of intermediaries within the channel and the different types of retailers within the marketing channel. Channel strategy and management consists of the next section. Particularly we will pay attention to distribution intensity and integration within the marketing channel. Logistics and supply chain management to form the next section there will focus on food and fashion supply chains. Channel relationships and how channel relationships operate in the context of power control conflict support and trust will also be explored. In the final section we will focus on one particular area of channels of distribution i.e, franchising. This is quite a difficult academic area and I will look at some particular aspects of franchising such as why companies franchise, how they choose markets and partners, particular issues around franchise relationships within the franchise contexts, support mechanisms within the franchise contexts and power and control within enfranchised relationships. Then at the end we'll summarize. Now I'll take you through a brief summary of those issues.
You'll be very familiar with the terms the marketing mix and you'll know that the marketing mix consists of product, price, promotion and place. Distribution or channels of distribution that's the place elements of the marketing mix. This lecture is fundamental to marketing strategy. When you read outside this lecture and as we go through the lecture I'll give you some references that will hopefully help you reading. You'll see the term marketing channel and you'll all see the term distribution channel. For our purposes they're the same thing and in this lecture we'll be using these terms interchangeably. Marketing channel and distribution channel will be used to mean the same thing. About definition of distribution channel is a means by which products and services are made available to consumers and or industrial or business users. How do producers get the products through to you and me as a consumer. The various ways that they do that that's what we understand by the marketing or distribution channel.