Biofilm based wound care

Published on October 7, 2014   42 min
This is Dr. Randy Wolcott, and this presentation will be on biofilm-based wound care. Let's get started.
Those are our objectives, the main objective being that there's two ways by which bacteria cause infection. I do have a conflict of interest as being a part owner of PathoGenius Laboratory. It's a laboratory that uses DNA to identify microbes. And let me just brag about PathoGenius for a second. When NASA wanted to make sure there was no microbial DNA on Curiosity, they turned to our laboratory. And that's really cool, and that gives us a lot of credibility. But we started asking ourselves, why would they care if there's microbes on Curiosity? Well, then we understood that the Martians really don't like bacteria. Well, this is to point out that we're going to stick with hard science. And when I make my reaches and conjectures, I'll be sure to identify that.