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The fuzzy front end of innovation

Published on January 18, 2015   37 min

Other Talks in the Category: Management, Leadership & Organisation

Welcome to this first talk on the front end of innovation, an increasingly important topic that has an impact on the competitiveness of firms to all types and sizes. My name is Gunnar Oskarsson. I am an assistant professor in innovation at the University of Iceland and an owner of Avinningur, a company specialized among other things in consulting in idea management and idea management systems. I have a doctorate degree in innovation management and the utilization of information technology and have been involved in innovation in various companies for over 20 years. In this talk, I'm going to provide you with an insight into the so-called fuzzy front end of innovation. This is the part of the innovation process that this perhaps least developed and offers good opportunities for improvement. I will be drawing on the extent literature, my experience, and my own research on the topic.
Let's take a look at what will be covered in this lecture. We will start by looking at the status of innovation and changes in the development of emphasis in management and innovation processes. Then we will take a look at the fuzzy front end and how it fits in the overall framework of innovation. This brings us to the main topic of the presentation, to gain a deeper understanding of skills that are important for the process. This will then lead us to the role of leaders and the impact of their involvement. Finally, I will summarize the presentation by providing an overall picture of factors that are important for the front end of innovation.