Prof. Gunnar Óskarsson University of Iceland and Avinningur Ltd., Reykjavik, Iceland

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Gunnar is an assistant professor in innovation and internationalization at the School of Business at University of Iceland and a chairman of the MSc studies in marketing and internationalization. Prior to joining University of Iceland, Gunnar had working experience in various industries, such as a manager of a leading company... read morein mutual fund management and head of marketing of a company in automation, where he worked with many leading companies in innovation. He has provided advice in business development, and specialized in supporting companies in improving innovation performance by utilizing effectively the knowledge of customers and the expertise of suppliers. Gunnar has also been teaching and giving lectures in other universities and participated in the development of continuing education programs for entrepreneurs. Gunnar has an MBA degree from IMD in Switzerland and a PhD degree from the University of Iceland. He has organized and participated in various research projects, issued papers and is a regular contributor to conferences and corporate events. Gunnar is the founder of Avinningur, a company offering solutions and advice on the use of information technology, including highly advanced system for idea management.