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Absolut Vodka: building consumer bonds

Published on September 30, 2020 Originally recorded 2013   1 min
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Absolut Vodka has created a bond with its customers through its absolutely wonderful art in its advertising. This art is generated through a relationship with artists.
The Absolut Generations exhibition was born when Absolut Vodka became the first-ever brand to be invited to be an official exhibitor at the Venice Biennale exhibition in 2003. Here, 13 established European artists were chosen from the Absolut Collection to become mentors to 16 new protégé artists.
The exhibition itself is dedicated to the different artists who through different generations have been inspired by, and worked with the famous bottle, making the Absolut collection an example of the constant evolution of contemporary art. Therefore, the Absolut advertising collection is really a collection of an art form. It is clear that the Absolut Generations will go on for some time, continuing to supply the art form as we go through advertising.