Entry mode strategy in global marketing

Published on November 30, 2009 Reviewed on July 31, 2016   41 min

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SVEND HOLLENSEN: Hello. My name is Svend Hollensen. I'm an Associate Professor in International Marketing at University of Southern Denmark. Today, I'll be talking about entry mode strategy in global marketing. Why is this an important theme in international marketing? Well, when a company has selected its target market, it must also decide how to enter the market. And basically it can choose among three different categories of entry modes. Export, intermediate, and hierarchical modes. And, I will talk about these three categories today.
The starting point of my presentation will be my "Global Marketing" textbook, which I will also refer to during my presentation.
In this book, I have structured the international marketing process in five stages. Stage number one is the decision to internationalize. So should the company stay at home or should it go abroad? Stage number two is the international market selection. Here the company decides which markets to enter. Stage number three is the entry mode strategy. And this is what I'll be talking about today. Stage number four is designing the global marketing program, the marketing mix of the global markets. And the final stage is implementing and coordinating the global marketing program. And in this presentation, our focus is on stage number three, the entry mode strategy.