Exporting, International and Global Marketing ManagementBeyond the fundamentals

Launched November 2009 Updated June 2020 23 lectures
Prof. Stan Paliwoda
Professor of Marketing, University of Strathclyde, UK

International trade is the most important economic activity in which we can hope to engage. It brings new products and services to new markets but above all, it brings wealth to all who engage in it. In a world where there is increasing international interdependence and collaboration, the nation state... read morehas been bypassed. Instead, supranational organisations such as the European Union, presently with 27 member states, have become the engine of growth in the world economy. This selection of topics has been designed to mirror the new realities of world trade and to present on these new phenomena, we have a truly international collection of highly respected speakers, each eminent in his or her field. As a collection, this suite of presentations would form the backbone of a course in international marketing at any level.

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