Behavioural Medicine: Foundations and Applications

Launched January 2023 Updated June 2023 6 lectures
Dr. Gina Touch Mercer
University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix, USA

Behavioural Medicine is the interdisciplinary field of research and practice that informs humanistic healthcare practice. Behavioural Medicine as a field is informed by knowledge of health and human development across the lifespan, the recognition that individuals and their health outcomes are embedded in their familial, cultural, and social/historical context, and... read morethe evidence base of techniques and competencies that promote health, wellness, and human resilience.

Behavioural Medicine integrates the body, mind, spirit, and social factors in health and healing. This field identifies and shapes social and institutional determinants of health, and applies knowledge, attitudes, behaviours, and evidence-based techniques to the development of healing professional relationships, and to the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and ultimately prevention of illness.

This series will highlight topics most relevant to practitioners and researchers across medical/healthcare specialties. It introduces the foundational Behavioural Medicine knowledge, competencies and attitudes guided by research and standards of clinical practice.