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Business continuity: using remote work during COVID-19

Published on May 31, 2020   23 min

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Welcome to this talk on business continuity and the use of remote work during COVID-19, and the current pandemic. This is a case study recorded in April 2020, and my name is Rowena Hennigan.
Let's look at the contents or structure of the talk, I'll do an introduction and introduce the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, I'll look at the business approach of business continuity, and how it impacts onto operations. I'll look at an introduction to remote work and teleworking as a practice, and then how it fits into an overall business continuity approach on operations. I'll look at what's been happening in terms of remote work during COVID-19, how organisations have reacted and global reactions during the pandemic. I'll talk about best practice within the area of remote working and how to mitigate current risks within COVID-19. I'll look at the opportunity for change and improvement out of the current situation, and we'll have a conclusion.
My name is Rowena Hennigan, I'm a remote work skills lecturer with TU Dublin in Ireland, and I'm completely remotely based, so I deliver virtually on various e-learning modules, and online classes, and I have been based fully remotely for the last three years in Spain. I work on various different projects and I've often never met my co-workers, which is something a lot of remote workers are used to. I co-founded a 'Future of Work Skills' module at TU Dublin, which has a heavy emphasis on remote work. I've also been a series editor with Henry Stewart Talks before, on the Online Learning for Business Education series. I'm a remote consultant as well, focusing on remote work skills, and personally I've been a remote worker on and off since 2007.

Business continuity: using remote work during COVID-19

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