Working remotely... successfully

Published on April 28, 2021   21 min

Other Talks in the Series: Future Work Now

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Hello. My name is Lisette Sutherland and I am the Director of Collaboration Superpowers. We help people and companies work better together remotely. Today, I was going to talk about how to work remotely successfully for individuals, teams, and managers, and maybe show how working remotely can be productive, fun, and maybe even better than working together in person.
Even before COVID-19, working with remote teams was becoming more and more the norm. Most of the people that are watching this are team members who have experience working with other remote colleagues. I'm sure you're watching this because you'd like to know what else could be done to advance or develop your remote team-building skills so that you can make working remotely productive, fun, maybe even enjoyable.
All of the information in this presentation comes from the over 200 interviews that I've done with companies who are working remotely successfully. The interviews are all available for free on the website, and they've been consolidated into the Work Together Anywhere handbook.
The one thing that I've learned from all the interviews that I've done is that there is no one right way to work remotely. There is no simple formula to follow. It all depends on experimentation and finding which tools and which techniques work for you and your team. But when we get remote working right, the payoff is huge.