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Online business education: COVID-19 response

Published on March 30, 2021   23 min

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Hello. My name is Maebh Coleman, and I am a lecturer and teaching fellow at TU Dublin College of Business. I've been involved in online education for many years, particularly in business faculties, around Ireland and the UK and all around the world. Today, I'm going to talk to you about an interesting and innovative response to our recent crisis with COVID-19 in the health sector in Ireland.
I'm going to start by defining what the problem is and how we help to solve this. I'll explain all about the team. I'll explain the outcomes and how we did it. Finally, I'm going to talk about the new model that we've discovered along the way and our very positive and growing feedback that we receive from the project. I'm going to finish up with an outline of what we plan to do next with all of our learnings and our successes from the project.
The problem we all encountered at a global scale when faced with COVID-19 was how to remain functional as organizations while still maintaining social distance. This all happened in Ireland during the last week of March, and the government decided to send everybody who could possibly work from home back to their houses to maintain safety in organizations, which were still then mostly centered in businesses and buildings in city centers. This was a particular problem in our health sector in Ireland. The largest organization in the country is the Health Services Executive, which comprises of several regional departments. Not only does this include hospital workers, nurses, doctors, allied health professionals, it also includes an army of administrative staff that support them and keep the doors open in our health service. We knew that there was a significant issue as this organization had to pivot within a number of weeks in order to keep our doors open to help the sick at this time.

Online business education: COVID-19 response

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