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The future of university medical librarianship

Published on May 26, 2020   26 min

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Interviewer: I'm Neil Bradman and today I'm speaking to Beverly Murphy, President of the Medical Library Association about the future of the medical librarian in the age of digital. Thank you very much for sparing the time. Perhaps to provide some context, may I ask you what you do in your regular day job when you're not the president of the MLA, and what the route was that you took to get there? Ms. Murphy: Thank you Neil for inviting me, in my regular job here at the library I'm the assistant director for digital content for the medical library's website, I'm what they call the 'web diva' or 'web goddess', either one of those titles can be used for the website. I'm also the hospital nursing liaison for the health system nurses, there are about 5,000 nurses in the health system and I'm the person that they contact when they want to do their quality improvement projects, their research, their nursing residencies, or if they want to get promotions through the clinical ladder here at Duke. I'm just a regular reference librarian, so I rotate with the reference staff here in the library doing various student activities that they do as well. I've been here for 36 years, so I wear a lot of hats in my day-to-day role here in the library. Interviewer: Fundamental to the issues that we're going to be facing in the future, it seems to me the question is: how much of the knowledge that the medical researchers, clinicians,

The future of university medical librarianship

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