Promotional marketing

Published on November 28, 2019   13 min

A selection of talks on Marketing & Sales

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Promotional marketing talk. Hi, I'm Roddy Mullin. My purpose here is to talk you through how to plan and use promotional marketing. Describing what you need to consider, and then formulating a promotional marketing plan from the marketing plan. There are seven marketing tools I use, described here to help you plan the media and messages. You should also add promotions to each message for reasons I come to later. The shopper/buyer today is quite different. Websites and stores that do not change to accommodate that will fail. In UK, Toys"R"Us, Maplin have just gone. House of Fraser, Homebase, B&Q. Just watch this space to see which goes next.
I'm sharing with you my 30 years of consultancy experience majoring in marketing. I've been authoring books for 20 years. When I wrote to Colin Page and said, "There is no book to measure marketing effectiveness, would you like me to write one?" "Yes," they said, and I haven't stopped since.
Even in three short talks, it is impossible to cover all that you need to know, so do buy the books. The first talk sets the scene covering the essentials. You must understand communication and how to get the shopper/buyer to the tipping point when they decide to buy and you must also organize your business to achieve that. Final talk is at the coalface, deciding on promotions and implementing them. I hope that at least by the end, you will feel you have a grasp of marketing communications. So where should you be after the first talk? You must establish in the subconscious of the shopper/buyer a hook and on it to hang your brand mark. It could be a logo, a smell, a sound. Do this first. To reach the tipping point, research has found you need six communications through six media. Finally, you must set up your business to be customer-facing. The key is to know your shopper/buyers and match their needs, but also tempt them with similar just as Amazon and eBay do.