Open strategy and IT

Published on July 31, 2019   37 min

A selection of talks on Technology & Operations

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Hello. I'm Josh Morton, researcher at Leeds University Business School, at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Today I'll be talking about the topic "Open Strategy and IT". That is open strategy and information technology. This is a very current topic for researchers particularly in strategic management and also in information systems fields. Also, it's relevant to managers to who this idea of open strategy is a key concern in their own strategic activities.
I'll start by introducing a general outline for this talk. The talk will be structured around five main areas. So first, I will introduce the concept of open strategy in a bit more detail. So what exactly does this mean? What is open or openness and how does this relate to strategy and IT? Alone when we say open strategy, this can of course be quite ambiguous. So we need to explain a bit more about what openness is and what strategy is, and what together that means. Also key here is introducing some of the key, what I call dimensions of open strategy. So much of our understanding of open strategy today as a concept is revolved around these dimensions. Second, I'll discuss some of the factors that are driving openness in strategy. So what's changed? Why is strategy becoming more open? This is a particular interest now. Why is it a particular interest now? What's causing open strategies to happen? This also emphasizes technological factors which are driving or enabling openness in strategy, which is of interest to this talk on open strategy and IT. Third, I outlined some of the prominent areas of interest in open strategy. So essentially, this is what the main aim of illuminating and understanding what researchers have been looking at in relation to openness and strategy. Again, this is where IT has been a dominant theme and focus. Fourth, I will briefly emphasize how practice and process approaches in strategy have been particularly prominent in open strategy work to date. The fifth and final area of this talk, I will introduce a few real life examples relating to the dimensions of open strategy, including the use of IT in relation to openness and strategy.