Extended-form Case Study

Customer centred transformation at E.ON

Published on July 31, 2018   20 min

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My name is Brendan Leece, I work for E.ON. We are a large gas and electricity company. We provide 26 million customers, the gas and electricity around Europe. We also have businesses around the world.
My job at E.ON as an International Customer Experience Manager. And what that means is, I support the business and its transformation to put the customer at the heart of everything that it does: its product development, its processes, its efficiency, and in all his decision-making, that the customer is considered and regarded in all of those.
The energy world has changed dramatically in recent years, just as other industries have been disrupted by this exponential change that we live in, so has E.ON. So, as Uber's transformed the world of taxis by becoming the world's largest taxi company without owning any taxis, or Facebook with it's now 2 billion users and 800 million daily users. It produces no contents of its own, and yet it's one of the world's largest online content providers. Airbnb, the largest provider of accommodation doesn't own any of his buildings. So, just in that way, in 2015, E.ON decided to become one of the world's largest energy providers without having any power stations. Why was that? Well, after a strategic review, it became apparent that what had been true for 100 years was no longer true. This world where large-scale, energy production and distribution worked hand-in-hand with consumers had been irreplaceably disrupted. Smart metering and other technology had disrupted this. And because of this growth in technology, E.ON decided to separate its generation business from its production business. And we recognized that we needed to put the customer at the heart of all that we did to be successful in this new world of energy.