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Waterfields: social entrepreneurship and innovation engineering

Published on March 28, 2018   27 min

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Welcome to our case study about Waterfields. My name is Lynn Kahle, Professor of Business at the University of Oregon. My co-author is David Spencer.
Victor Garcia is Lead Trauma Surgeon and founder of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Trauma Center. He's a professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. He's won numerous awards for his civic and medical contributions in Cincinnati. Doug Hall is a Master Innovator, Entrepreneur, and Inventor. He runs the highly successful Eureka Ranch near Cincinnati. He has received rave reviews for his creativity and innovativeness. His specialty is Innovation Engineering. He is always looking for the next big idea, but he also has a heart of gold and cares deeply about the world around him. Doug and Victor bumped into each other at a social gathering, and they had a life-changing conversation. When Doug asked Victor about his pet peeves, as inventors often ask everyone, Dr. Garcia answered that he was sick and tired of taking bullets out of children. He shared the story of a 14-year-old girl coming to his ER with a gunshot wound to the chest. Her injuries would outlast her, and he began to ask himself questions. Why are children coming into the ER with gunshot wounds? What twist of fate and failures of the system have allowed this type of event to become a regular occurrence? Victor and Doug did a deep dive into the root causes of this pet peeve using the principles of innovation engineering. And the answer they concluded was poverty. It was not guns, it was not gangs, drugs, or hip hop that caused these problems. In fact, all of those things are simply symptoms of the poverty that pervades depressed communities such as the Lower Price Hill section of Cincinnati. It was the poverty that created a condition where a person must choose to obey a law made by others or to break that law to get the next meal. The growling in the stomach sounds much louder than far off legal consequences one may never encounter. Thus, in order to address the problem that was plaguing his community, Dr. Victor Garcia started an organization called CoreChange. CoreChange is an organization that hopes to address the causes

Waterfields: social entrepreneurship and innovation engineering

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