Person-centred approaches to care

Published on January 30, 2017   41 min
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Hello, my name is Brendan McCormack and I'm Professor of Nursing and Head of the Division of Nursing at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. I'm also an Honorary Nurse Consultant in Gerontology at NHS Fife. I hold a number of other positions internationally. And the title of my talk today is "Person-Centred Approaches to Care" which is also the focus of my program of research. I do have a particular interest in gerontology but my talk today is applied generally.
I wanted to put this slide up which is a photograph of the cover of our current book, from which a lot of the text, that I'm delivering in this lecture, is derived. And this builds on our previous publication which had a specific focus on nursing, whereas, this one has more of a broad focus on healthcare more generally.
I wanted to start off by talking a little bit about, person-centredness more generally. It's very true to say that today, in the nursing world, there is a strong desire to live out person-centred values. And it would be unusual to meet with nurse leaders or practicing nurses who don't in some way espouse person-centred values. They have become very much a core part of what nursing is actually about. However, my colleague Tanya McCance and I have published, "We recognize that espousing these values in everyday practice is one thing but making them real in the constant stressful environment that many nurses are working in. An environment where there is a constant tussle between conflicting priorities. But also environments that are often chaotic and sometimes very unpredictable... that whilst we espouse these values, that the reality is for many practitioners, they really struggle to live them out in any meaningful way."