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New modalities of instruction: blended and flipped learning

Published on March 31, 2016   17 min

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FLORIA VOLYNSKAYA: Hello. Welcome to this talk on the new modalities of instruction, blended and flipped learning. My name is Floria Volynskaya, and I'm currently Director of Instructional Design at Robert H. Smith School of Business, at the University of Maryland in the United States. I have over a decade of experience utilizing educational technology and in the design, development, and delivery of courses.
In this talk, I will guide you through the differences between blended and flipped teaching models, and provide easy-to-execute strategies for how to implement the best methods to enrich active learning in any classroom. I will define instructional and educational buzzwords you might have recently heard, as well as address which asynchronous techniques better facilitate student learning. Whether in literature or at conferences, you have probably encountered terms such as blended learning, hybrid learning or hybrid course, technology-mediated instruction, web-enhanced instruction, and mixed-mode instruction. In fact, you might have even heard these terms being used interchangeably. In this talk, I will introduce and define blended instruction, and describe the flipped learning model, discuss the Six W's; i.e. What, Who, When, Where, Why, and the most important one, How, as to how to best implement these new modalities of teaching.

New modalities of instruction: blended and flipped learning

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