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Extended-form Case Study

The impact of variable data on response rate and revenue

Published on February 29, 2016   13 min

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Hi, my name is Tony Rizzo and I'm General Manager/ Creative Director of Marquis. Our company specializes in financial direct marketing, and offers CRM software, consulting services, and direct marketing capabilities to hundreds of financial institutions from our headquarters in Dallas, Texas.
This 10-minute case study will focus on a meta-analysis of over 600 direct marketing campaigns executed by our company over the past 24 months.
We wanted to know how the use of personalization impacts response rate and revenue.
To determine this, we conducted means testing of multiple direct mail campaigns and measured direct response rate and direct return on investment. All the analysis that you will see here has been gleaned from actual campaigns. The population of the study, 56 institutions, 654 direct mail campaigns, spread out over three million pieces of direct mail.
There is a caveat to this study that you need to be aware of. First, this is an analysis of historic campaign results. It is not designed to be a predictor of future performance. And important, perhaps most important to this analysis is that it does not profile the offer or the price characteristics that went into individual campaigns. It simply looked at direct response rate and then the commensurate revenue generated in order to try to understand the dynamics of data as it relates to communicating with an individual.

The impact of variable data on response rate and revenue

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