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Introduction to digital marketing and social media

Published on March 31, 2015   33 min

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So, this is an Introduction to Digital Marketing and Social Media. My name is Dr. Rachel Ashman. I'm a lecturer in marketing at the University of Liverpool. And hopefully this talk will give you some insights into this exciting and innovative topic.
So, the Digital Marketing Institute defines the term as the use of digital technologies to create an integrated, targeted, and measurable communications which help to acquire and retain customers while building deeper relationships with them. I agree and support this definition as being the most comprehensive in my interpretation. This definition includes the terms digital, targeted, measurable, and relationship, all terms that are necessary to define digital marketing. It must be digital because of the technology. It is targeted because of the value in the technology allows it to be. It must establish relationships because marketing using different digital technology generally requires input from potential consumers. And it must be measurable, because measurability is inherent in the use of digital technology and inherent in the use of marketing. And this is particularly pertinent to a UK market, as in Britain we spend more time online than any other European country and really love to be in the digital marketing environment.

Introduction to digital marketing and social media

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