Osteoporosis: how long to treat?

Published on January 19, 2015   49 min
Hello, my name is Robert Adler, and I'm from the Veterans Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. I teach at Virginia Commonwealth University where I'm in the Department of Medicine as well as Epidemiology and Community Health. My topic today is how long to treat osteoporosis. And I thank Professor Juliet Compston for the opportunity to discuss this most challenging subject.
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And on the next slide, the topics that I will cover today. First of all, I'm going to talk about why this is such an important subject because fractures are really quite common. And then I'll go over the treatments that we have emphasizing bisphosphonates because they've been the mainstay of our osteoporosis treatment. I will review the few long-term studies we have, and then talk about the importance of individualizing assessment and treatment in your patients.