Control feedback and cellular responses

Published on November 4, 2014   47 min
This is Frank Doyle. I'm a faculty member in the Department of Chemical Engineering at University of California Santa Barbara. And I'll be giving a lecture on controlled feedback and cellular responses.
I want to start by walking through the origins of this field of systems biology and showing you some profound connections with the field of controls. If one goes back perhaps a century and a half ago, you find the work of Claude Bernard, who was a French physiologist, was the first to coin the term milieu interieur, which we now understand as homeostasis. Walter Cannon was the first to really introduce that English term, homeostasis, as the ability of the body to maintain normal, coordinated, physiologic processes despite disturbances and interruptions to that system. And the last individual here to really play into that field is Norbert Wiener, who's a giant figure in the field of control and communications. And he coined this expression, or this term, cybernetics as a way to envelop all of communications and control, whether it's a natural or a synthetic system.