The Evolution of CRM

Published on November 9, 2014   39 min

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Hello my name's Neil Woodcock, I'm the CEO of The Customer Framework and I'm going to do this presentation with Professor Merlin Stone or head of research. What we're going to talk about for the next 40 minutes or so is the evolution of CRM and how digital social and mobile technologies are changing consumer behavior and customer behavior and therefore changing the way that companies have to think about the way they manage customers through CRM technologies.
Just a little bit about the customer framework, we help companies both business to consumer and business to business win new customers, keep or retain customers, develop their value and we help companies do it more effectively and efficiently and invariably that does involve digital social and mobile nowadays. You can see from our client list there that we work with a whole number of companies across the world and I hope that gives us some credibility and some of the things were about to say.
What are we going to talk about. There's four main components to the presentation, I'd like to talk about the characteristics of customer management leaders and this is based on some research we've done very recently with some of the world's top customer managers and then want to talk about the rise and rise of digital, and because digital is a term which includes social and mobile and we'll talk a little bit about that and then we'll talk about how customer behavior is evolving and whether technology is driving that or whether the customer is driving that and using technology is a question. We'll talk about four key trends in that area and then finally we'll talk about the CRM challenges that all large companies face in dealing with customers particularly using these new technologies. You can see on this slide, we use a number of sources for data and for charts and you can see some of the references there and I'd like to thank those companies for providing this information.