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Why we buy; shopping and the purchasing environment

Published on February 22, 2015   43 min

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Welcome to the lecture on Why We Buy: Shopping and the Purchasing Environment. My name's Vince Mitchell and I'm professor of consumer marketing here at Cass Business School in the center of London.
In this lecture, we're going to be covering things about the old physical retail space in terms of how to conduct commerce and within that, three particular approaches to locating, exploring, and dreaming in order to encourage people to purchase. And we're going to move on to E commerce, talk about the exciting area of M commerce, and then tell you a little bit about what F commerce means at the end of this lecture.
But first, a couple of interesting facts. Physical retail space is certainly not dead. In fact, since 2002, it's increased by over 200%. A company that really exemplifies this yet is Ikea. They now employ 127,000 staff in 41 different countries. And a recent Mintel Report estimated that 1 in 10 babies born in Europe have actually been conceived in an Ikea bed. There are 175 million copies of Ikea catalogue printed annually. That's three times more than the Bible. And actually, 2/3 of British families chose to go to Ikea rather than go to church, and that's given that there are only 18 Ikea stores in the UK.

Why we buy; shopping and the purchasing environment

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