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The scope and nature of retail marketing

Published on February 25, 2009 Reviewed on April 28, 2016   40 min

Other Talks in the Series: Principles of Marketing

Other Talks in the Series: Retail Marketing

Hi, I'm Steve Burt from the Institute for Retail Studies at the University of Stirling. I've been working at Stirling since the institute was founded in 1983. My research areas are primarily to do with Retail Internationalization and Retail Marketing in various guises. What I'm going to do in today's talk is to give you an introduction to the Scope and Nature of Retail Marketing.
The presentation is based around three main themes. First, I'll spend a little bit of time talking about how we understand retailing, how retailing might be a bit different from other sectors, and what specific characteristics there are to retailing that make us think about how we apply marketing to it. Second element and the bulk of the presentation will be about how retailing and marketing interact. I'll introduce a model that looks at the exchange of customer values that tries to explain that retailers need to understand, create, communicate, and deliver these values. By taking this approach, we can move away from just looking at simple, specific marketing activities such as product, pricing and all the things we're taught in the 4Ps approach. Last but not least, I shall try and pull things together to try and say that retailers need to have a holistic view to marketing in retailing, but what we need is an approach to retailing that encompasses marketing as an underlying philosophy, not just to apply a series of activities that we call marketing activities.

The scope and nature of retail marketing

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