Cerebrovascular DiseaseDiagnosis, Treatment and Prevention - a prioritized approach

Launched October 2008 Updated January 2022 36 lectures
Prof. Vladimir Hachinski
University of Western Ontario, Canada

Cerebrovascular disease is the most common brain disorder in the world, and increasing. As the problem grows, so do the number of articles, monographs, books and guidelines, in confusing profusion. The vast majority of stroke patients are not looked after by stroke specialists, but by generalists from different disciplines who... read moredo not have the time to sort the vital from the trivial and who need authoritative, prioritized, action oriented guidance in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cerebrovascular disease.

This series aims to provide such guidance. The lectures have been chosen not only for their eminence, but by their ability to convey essential facts in a clear and logical manner. They have been asked to focus on the most common problems and their management, identify the less common aspects that require prompt recognition and action, and to indicate where reliable supplemental information can be obtained.

The approach builds on the Pareto principle: a minority of actions yields a majority of the results. The lecturers identify what is indispensable to know or do, judge the added value of additional knowledge or actions and flag situations when the non-stroke specialist needs to get help.

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