Other Talks in the Series: The Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

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Hi, I'm Dr. Maya Finger from the College of Management Academic Studies. My work focuses on ESG and promoting global knowledge and development in this field. Today's talk is about the "ESGness" of Bitcoin.
Environment, social and corporate governance, or in short, ESG in crypto assets, have both been gaining popularity independently. ESG has a holistic view on how environmental, social, and governance elements are reflected in organizations and technologies. And cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, have been discussed quite often. In this talk, we will explore the "ESGness" of Bitcoin. Indeed ESG and Bitcoin are two major buzzwords commonly discussed today in various fields. But first, let's understand what each of these terms mean.
The term ESG is commonly used, but not always in its proper meaning. First ESG is an acronym for environment, social, and corporate governance. When we say ESG, we mean policies or criteria that considered environmental, social, and corporate governance elements in a specified activity. The E refers to the environmental implications of a certain activity, such as pollution or responsible energy consumption. The S refers to the impact a certain activity has on individuals in society, such as reducing inequalities or promoting inclusion and diversity. The G refers to various regulatory matters the company or the activity faces.