The Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Launched March 2023 Updated August 2023 6 lectures More in production
Prof. Ilan Alon
University of Ariel, Israel

Innovations in blockchain technology, popularized by Bitcoin since 2009, have ushered in a
new era of the decentralized economy. To its proponents, the decentralized economy cuts
out the middleman and brings new business efficiencies and models. Crypto markets
reached 3 trillion dollars in value in 2021 and... read moreare predicted to continue their meteoric rise.
The growth of the decentralized economy and related crypto markets has echoes of the rise
of the internet. Indeed, cryptocurrencies and their ecosystems represent the biggest
transformation of the internet since its creation. The ‘internet of money’ will enable new
business models and market efficiencies while also posing new questions about data,
sustainability, and supply chains. The series will introduce this evolving field to students and
will include examples from real life organisations who have employed blockchain