Getting over imposter syndrome

Published on June 30, 2021   28 min

Other Talks in the Series: Early Career Development

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Good day everyone, I'm Dr. Kyra Leigh Sutton. I'm a faculty member at Rutgers University of New Jersey, in the United States. Welcome to 'Getting Over Imposter Syndrome'.
I began studying the transition of young adults into the workplace more than 12 years ago. Something significant to me is for young adults to remember: you have agency over your career. It means that your career choices matter, and you should select opportunities that give you the best chance to learn and grow. It also means that it's the responsibility of those like myself, who have transitioned from school to work, to help the next generation. Overall, if we send young adults into the real world without specific evidence-based guidance, we fail you each time. This series is intended to fill that void, and lessen the uncertainty young adults experience as they transition into their first permanent roles. Many young adults have benefited from courses or guidance focused on how to get the job. In contrast, less emphasis is given to what happens during the first few years after you've started working. This part of the series is focused on helping you perform on the job.
Whether it be well-known people such as Serena Williams, Chris Martin, Don Cheadle, author Candice Carty Williams, Howard Schultz (the co-founder of the Schultz Family Foundation, and former Starbucks CEO), or blogger and YouTuber Zoe Sugg, at some point, most adults have experienced 'imposter syndrome'. If you've ever experienced doubt, or that feeling like you don't deserve something. that you've really worked hard to get, you've experienced imposter syndrome. In today's session: we'll define imposter syndrome; I'll share several stories and quotes that describe what imposter syndrome feels like; we'll learn when it's most likely to occur; most importantly, we'll discuss how to overcome it. I hope you enjoy the session.