Early Career DevelopmentYoung adults moving into permanent roles

Launched April 2021 Updated September 2021 10 lectures
Dr. Kyra Leigh Sutton
Rutgers University, USA

This series shares research and insights into how young adults can successfully transition from full-time education to their first permanent jobs.... read more

While many students leave their institution with a solid foundation of knowledge, many students do not spend enough time talking about what counts once they leave: how to transition into a “real” job. Further, millions of young adults go through the same transition without attending university, and do not have the same resources available as those who are in formal education.

I believe it is the responsibility of those who have made the transition from school to work to prepare the next group of young adults. Many young adults have benefited from courses or guidance focused on “how to get the job.” In contrast, less emphasis is given to what happens during the first few years after young adults start working. Overall, if we send young adults into the real world without specific, evidence-based guidance, we are failing them each time. This series is intended to fill that void and lessen the uncertainty young adults experience as they transition to their first permanent roles.

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