The director as a technology advocate: why?

Published on March 30, 2021   39 min
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Mr. Faust: The director as a technology advocate: why? That's today's topic. My name is Bill Faust and I'm going to be doing this presentation with Mark Bailey. We are the co-founders of CustomerFusion. I also wrote a book which challenged convention, challenged the way we do things, it was called 'Pitch Yourself'.
This subject is becoming more and more critical. It's mission-critical, due to the continued pace of digital and technological evolution. Its impact on changing customer behaviour, expectations, profitability, and success of the business is fundamental. As a result, the responsibility for successful technological evolution has become (we would argue) a necessary priority for any director, regardless of their function. CustomerFusion was founded in 2004, and the key part about this is that we take on the clients and our business models, and we look at it in ways which other companies don't. We're looking at it in terms of what many would call the 'disruptor' type of business model to give a better way of doing things, to create smart audience engagement solutions and implementations. We're generally challenging traditional norms, business models, and trying to be more innovative and all-encompassing. Mark and I, together, (this is the frightening part) have got 60 years of combined experience in the communications industry, we have always been challenging that conventional wisdom, and my goodness, we enjoy it. This is what we're going to do today.