Why do you lead the way you do?

Published on June 30, 2019   46 min
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Hello, my name is John Peters. Today, I'm going to cover with you, why do you lead the way you do? A simple question. What I'm going to cover is first the idea of reflective practice, the idea of purpose as a leader, and how you apply that in business. My aim is that you walk away with some worksheets at the end of this presentation. There is some worksheets that you can work through some of the things that I explore, and that you are able to do the work on your own.
So my background. My background formally a fight pilot in the Air Force obviously, a bad one because I got shot down in 1991 as a prisoner of war. After seven weeks of captivity, where I was subjective to severe, physical psychological pressure during that time I got released. Why am I exploring leadership? In captivity I had two experiences. One where one of the other prisoners of war said I lead them through captivity, my reply was, I mean, a concrete box with a metal door being systematically beaten and starve to death in solitary confinement. I could do nothing and it turned around to me and said no, it's not what you could do, it's who you were. So it's a question of being, they said, "We trusted and believed in you that we could get through." So trust is a major theme that I started to explore. Secondly, when I've got released through all the media attention, some soldiers who I had never met said that I was the reason they went to war. Because when they saw the picture on the newspaper, the picture in the middle there, that gave them the reason for dying. So it's this aspect of role model. What sort of role model are you? That comes from an exploration of purpose. So from that, it started a stream of consciousness. These are the questions I've been exploring since.