The director as a collaborator

Published on January 30, 2022   28 min
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Hello I'm Kellie Vincent. I'm the editor of this Henry Stewart Talk Series and Associate Dean for teaching learning and student experience at the University of Bedfordshire Business School. This talk relates specifically to the director as a collaborator. There are a number of other really good Henry Stewart Talks which look at helping you improve your collaboration skills and I'd really recommend that you take a look at those if you're interested. They do differ from this talk and this talk encourages directors to think about why collaboration is a core attribute and why you need to develop it and how, when and why you collaborate should be considered a really essential strategic task.
We originally recorded this talk way back in November 2017 when the world looks like a very different place to how it does now in 2021. The 2019 coronavirus pandemic really saw collaboration come into its own. Without collaboration there would be no vaccine produced in the shortest possible timescale, we would not have seen calls to arms of the production of ventilators leading to groundbreaking and swift developments, and we certainly would not have seen the building of mega hospitals around the world such as those we have in the UK which are called Nightingale hospitals. OECD in their report focusing on science technology and innovation and their outlook for 2021 specifically highlighted that much collaboration on the COVID-19 battleground had been initiated by scientists themselves and they share data and pooled resources. The value of collaboration has certainly been recognised and as such throughout this talk we still look at the sort of the issues and topics we would have picked up in 2017 but we had a more contemporary flow to them. We now know that more than ever, the world can recover but only if collaboration becomes a much more avidly employed manner in the way that we work. It has to become a routine way in which directors strategically think about their organisations. More recently, the need for country-level collaboration to ensure that everyone is protected from COVID through the vaccine sharing schemes such as COVAX have to be recognised. The dangers of vaccine nationalism have reinforced the view that collaboration is an essential asset. It's essential to turn times of crisis into times of opportunity.