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People-powered purpose: activating employees for the company purpose

Published on February 26, 2021   45 min

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Good day to all of you. My name is Wouter Bakker and I'm the Chief Commercial Officer (the CCO) at GoodUp. GoodUp is a small social enterprise in Amsterdam. We're about 20 to 25 people now, and today I'm going to talk about purpose activation. Over the past 10 years with GoodUp, we have learned that people are powered by purpose. But it also works the other way around, purpose is powered by people. That's what I want to talk about today. We're going to talk about activating employees for your company purpose.
We're moving towards a purpose economy, I think all of you have noticed that, and we see it all around us. It's not that we are there yet, we're still living in a capitalistic economy, but we're moving towards a purpose economy.
Society is shifting from money to meaning. What we all observe is that priorities are shifting from profits to purpose. Great thinkers have seen that there are four stages to look at our economy. First there was the Industrial Revolution, we are all aware of that, of course. Then capitalism came in its place, we started to focus more on money, money, money. Over the past decades, we've seen a digital revolution taking place. Many of us now believe that the next stage is going to be a purpose economy, where it's about purpose beyond profit, where it's about meaning and not only about making money, but about a balance between making money in a sustainable way.

People-powered purpose: activating employees for the company purpose

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