The Purpose Economy

Launched October 2020 Updated March 2022 10 lectures
Mr. Mariusz Soltanifar
Hanze International Business School, The Netherlands

The current economic era and the digital revolution are encouraging many people to seek a new personal, professional, and organizational purpose. Purpose has become a buzzword and is increasingly perceived as the only way to thrive in a socially and economically complex world. Purpose-centered professionals make a meaningful contribution to... read moresociety, demanding more purpose-driven activities in areas such as sustainability, green tech, climate change, economies in transition, trade tensions and more. A new paradigm of thinking and acting has arisen, based on relationships, impact, and growth that is spreading across the globe. The individuals and organizations that embrace that paradigm will be the focus of this lecture series.
According to Aaron Hurst, who introduced the Purpose Economy concept in 2014, purpose-driven companies are not just focused on profit or financial interest but on a combination of financial, social and personal value. His company, Imperative, provides a platform for individuals and organizations to learn from one another and improve their ability to reach purpose-driven goals.

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